Gay prepares for “one hell of a campaign”

Dublin MEP and Fine Gael’s presidential candidate Gay Mitchell has been instructed by the Taoiseach to get the most from the week-long summer holiday he has planned with his wife Norma before facing the rigours of the election campaign in the autumn. (more…)


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Irish holiday makers unaware of emergency number

Irish people holidaying abroad this summer are being asked to remember three digits – 112 – the number to call for emergency services anywhere in the EU. (more…)

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Recommended airport scanners “will not show human body”

New generation body scanners recommended by the European Parliament will not display the human body but will simply indicate when the passenger is carrying something dangerous, it was claimed last week. (more…)

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Peace fund will be renewed, says European Parliament President

The European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek has expressed confidence that funding for the EU’s Peace and Reconciliation Programme will be continued beyond 2013. (more…)

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Delegation seeks release of Irish-trained doctors in Bahrain

An Irish delegation of politicians, medical professionals and human rights representatives will travel to Bahrain next week to investigate the alleged illegal detention of a group of medics arrested on trumped up sedition charges. (more…)

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Ireland is Paddy last with EU identity card

An Irish MEP has urged the government to introduce national ID cards in order to keep track of the population and avoid situations like last month’s census, which revealed an extra 100,000 people living in the country. (more…)

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Greedy mobile providers should cut roaming now

Phone companies should not wait until new EU legislation on roaming kicks in, they should start immediately to reduce the “astronomical” rates being charged for using mobiles abroad, the European Parliament heard this week. (more…)

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