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Irish research will benefit from EU funding boost

Irish third level colleges, research organisations and private sector industries are being urged to make the most of the EU’s biggest ever research funding programme launched in Brussels this week. (more…)


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Beware the ‘green jersey’ approach, warns MEP

Two Irish MEPs urged the Oireachtas Joint Committee on European Affairs last week to get more involved in European decision-making by cooperating with our EU neighbours. (more…)

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Dublin MEP in Kazakhstan, but not on holidays

Socialist MEP Paul Murphy hit the international headlines this week during a trip to Kazakhstan, when he took issue with reports in the Kazakhstan national press that he was only visiting the country “in a personal capacity”. (more…)

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MEPs in a bad Moody over US rating agencies

Irish MEPs have joined the growing chorus of criticism throughout Europe against US credit rating agencies, after they downgraded Irish and Portuguese debt to “junk” status earlier this month alongside that of the most embattled eurozone economy, Greece. (more…)

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Cash-strapped arts groups should look to Brussels

Cultural organisations including drama, dance and other artistic groups are being encouraged to avail of EU grants worth up to €30,000 before a deadline of September 1st. (more…)

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EU wants to halve food waste by 2025

Catering firms that agree to redistribute their unused or unsold food items to charitable groups for free could be awarded lucrative public contracts, under a new plan being considered by MEPs in Brussels. (more…)

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Irish fishing quotas for sale to the highest bidder

An EU proposal to allow member states buy and sell fishing rights could spell the end of the Irish family-owned fishing fleet, it was claimed this week. (more…)

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