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Smoking illnesses accounts for half of patients at St James’ hospital

The high rate of smoking-related diseases of patients presenting at one of Ireland’s largest hospitals, St James’ in Dublin, was raised this week at a briefing on lung cancer in Brussels. (more…)


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Irish farmers disappointed with proposed EU farm budget

The European Commission’s long-awaited proposed farming budget for the years 2014 to 2020 has been published to a “cautious reaction” from Irish farmers, MEPs and government spokespeople, probably because the full implications of this complex document will take months to calculate. (more…)

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EU rules needed to stop ‘legal highs’

A special hearing of EU policy makers, MEPs and scientists in Brussels has recommended new EU-wide regulations to prohibit the sale and supply of psychoactive substances in all member states. (more…)

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Northside student fingers first prize with fishy scoop

A media student from DCU has been awarded first prize in a national competition on EU journalism. Niamh Griffin (36) from Smithfield won gold in this year’s EU Communication Challenge for her investigative news story “Know What’s in Your Fish Fingers”. (more…)

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Childers continues her father’s work on epilepsy

Ireland East MEP Nessa Childers is carrying on a commitment made by her late father by supporting an EU campaign to improve treatment for people who suffer from epilepsy. (more…)

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Member states consider joining EU transparency register

The Council of Ministers, which represents the interests of the EU’s 27 member states, has said it will consider a proposal to sign up to a new online transparency register for lobbyists seeking to influence European policy making. (more…)

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Online shopping made simple under new EU rules

Consumers and businesses that sell online are both expected to benefit from new EU rules approved by MEPs governing internet shopping. (more…)

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