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Government urged to follow through on Carers’ Strategy

The Fine Gael/Labour coalition was challenged this week to right the wrongs of the previous government and publish the National Carers’ Strategy. (more…)


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International recognition sought for Great Famine

Following the third annual National Famine Memorial Day which took place in mid-May, efforts are underway in Brussels to ensure that the legacy of the Irish Famine is recognised across the world. (more…)

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Sellafield’s exclusion from UK stress test causes Irish consternation

The renewed goodwill and neighbourliness between Ireland and Britain that has followed Queen Elizabeth’s successful visit to these shores is facing fresh peril – this time over the UK’s decision not to include Sellafied in an upcoming safety check of Britain’s nuclear facilities. (more…)

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Ireland fails again to set up missing children’s hotline

Ireland and several EU member states have been shamed by EU chiefs for failing to meet an annual deadline to implement an EU-wide emergency phone  number for missing children. (more…)

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Ireland ‘treated harshly by EU partners’ says British MEP

A senior British member of the European Parliament who headed up a high-level delegation to Dublin this week has spoken out strongly against the terms attached to the Irish bailout deal. (more…)

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Equitable Life victims may lose out on compensation

Thousands of Irish people who incurred losses to their savings at the failed British insurance firm Equitable Life were warned this week that they may not all qualify for compensation. (more…)

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Airport body scanners should be voluntary

A key European Parliament committee has today laid down strict conditions for the operation of airport body scanners, ahead of a proposal to be presented in Brussels this summer that would allow their use in every member state. (more…)

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