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Washing powder cartel reveals dirty laundry

The makers of Ariel, Persil and other household brands of laundry detergent were exposed as not exactly whiter-than-white earlier this month when a major price-fixing scam came out in the wash. (more…)


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EU chiefs attend John Paul II beatification

The three highest office-holders in the EU are travelling to Rome this weekend for the beatification ceremony of the late Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. (more…)

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Parents urged not to forget measles vaccine

Figures released in Ireland to coincide with European Immunisation Week have revealed a drop in the uptake of vaccination against potentially lethal diseases. (more…)

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Farmers will oppose EU plan to end fuel rebate

A proposal by the European Commission to remove existing tax reductions for the fuel used in agriculture is meeting with considerable resistance from farmers and politicians in Ireland and other EU countries. (more…)

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NAMA land could be used as Dublin burial ground

A former Dublin Lord Mayor has come up with the novel proposal of turning some of the NAMA-controlled land on the city’s outskirts into a cooperative cemetery. (more…)

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EU must speed reform in all dictatorships

The institutions of the EU were urged this week to use their influence to encourage democratic reform in repressive dictatorships all over the world, in an effort to stave off violent uprisings of the kind that are wreaking havoc across North Africa and the greater Arab world. (more…)

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Ferry passengers to be compensated for lost luggage

Any passenger who loses their luggage during a ferry crossing will be eligible for compensation by the carrier, under new rules agreed at the European Parliament this week. (more…)

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