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EU crackdown on human trafficking

Anyone caught smuggling people into Ireland or other European countries will soon face stiffer penalties and more jail time, under a new EU law approved this week. (more…)


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Cúpla focail could translate into jobs

The Lisbon Treaty has significantly boosted career opportunities for Gaeilgeoirs in Brussels, a Munster MEP confirmed this week. (more…)

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All we want for Christmas is non-toxic toys

MEPs in Strasbourg have called for stricter toy safety standards in light of a recent EU investigation into harmful substances contained in a range of toys and cosmetics.  The EU’s Scientific Committee found fault with the method used to detect hazardous chemicals in toys, claiming it was ‘not reliable’. (more…)

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MEPs defeat bid to raise corporate tax

The European Parliament has voted by a small majority not to support a common corporate tax rate for all member states. (more…)

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9,000 Irish signatures needed for EU Citizens’ Initiative

The Citizen’s Initiative, a provision of the Lisbon Treaty which allows one million Europeans to propose new legislation, will come into effect in the first few months of 2010. (more…)

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New Irish boarfish industry depends on net size

Irish fishermen have given a broad welcome to 2011 fishing quotas agreed in Brussels last week, particularly the decision to grant Ireland two-thirds of the overall quota of boarfish. (more…)

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Leading US companies stay loyal to Ireland

Four multinational technology firms have promised that they will remain loyal to their Irish operations despite the country’s dire financial straits and rock-bottom economy. (more…)

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