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100 places earmarked ‘Special Areas’ under EU Habitats law

Up to 100 new sites across the country are undergoing an evaluation process to see if they should be designated ‘Special Areas of Conservation’ in line with the EU Birds and National Habitats Directive. (more…)


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Irish MEPs embrace twitter technology (31st August 2010)

Irish MEPs are leagues ahead of their EU counterparts when it comes to connecting with their constituents on Twitter. (more…)

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Irish people gloomier than other Europeans (31st August 2010)

The Irish are significantly more pessimistic about their national economic situation than other Europeans, a new survey has shown. (more…)

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Looking out for linguists (14th July, 2010)

The EU institutions have begun a major recruitment campaign for translators and interpreters into eight languages including English, in a bid to address serious shortages of language staff in Brussels. (more…)

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EU seeks Irish opinion on pensions crisis (14th July, 2010)

Anyone concerned about the looming pensions crisis in Ireland is being encouraged to contribute their views to an EU-wide debate, or Green Paper, launched by the European Commission. (more…)

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Ireland faces EU grilling over equality cuts (14th July, 2010)

The government’s decision to drastically reduce funding and staff numbers at the Equality Authority last year is to be probed by the European Commission. (more…)

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Tough battle ahead to prevent Mercosur deal (14th July, 2010)

The EU Commission is “absolutely determined” to open European markets to South American countries, Irish MEPs said this week. They were speaking after outlining their concerns about the impact of such a deal on EU agriculture during a meeting with Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht. (more…)

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