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EU moves to ban food from cloned animals (8th July, 2010)

Europe is a step closer to banning dairy or meat products derived from cloned animals, following a decision by the European Parliament this week. (more…)


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EU asked to press FIFA for TV replay technology (8th July, 2010)

International grumbling over FIFA’s refusal to use video replay for assisting referees has reached Brussels this week, with pressure mounting on the European Commission to get involved. (more…)

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Let private sector build petrol stations (8th July, 2010)

The government is being urged to allow the private sector compete to build service stations along Ireland’s motorway network, given the National Road Authority’s inability to fund more stations because of budget cuts. (more…)

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Small bus companies under threat from EU law (8th July, 2010)

Concerns have been raised that planned EU legislation giving bus passengers the same right to compensation as those travelling by air and rail could drive small Irish coach operators out of business. (more…)

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Irish Commissioner probed over funding Israeli military research (1st July, 2010)

Ireland’s EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Máire Geogheghan-Quinn has been urged not to provide any EU funding for Israeli companies carrying out research on technologies with military applications. (more…)

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Dublin slips down list of world’s expensive cities (1st July, 2010)

Dear old Dublin is not quite so dear anymore, according to a new survey measuring the cost of living in 214 cities worldwide. (more…)

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Have rights, can travel (1st July, 2010)

Anyone heading abroad this summer is being advised to pack a little travel know-how along with their luggage, in the form of two new EU guides offering advice and information for intending travellers. (more…)

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