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Civil rights activist compares abortion to racism (24th June, 2010)

Gay Mitchell MEP, Dr Alveda King, and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny TD in front of the Dáil

A renowned US human rights activist has told an Irish audience that “unborn children are the blacks of yesterday”. (more…)


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Ireland seeks EU millions to retrain builders (24th June, 2010)

Three Irish MEPs were behind this week’s hefty government request for €40 million in EU funding to retrain unemployed construction workers. (more…)

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Europe sees sense on rat poison ban (24th June, 2010)

Fears of a doomsday-like explosion of the rodent population have been averted after MEPs in Brussels agreed to water down a draft ban on rat poison. (more…)

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Sports chiefs give thumbs up to EU “blue flag” plan (24th June, 2010)

IRFU spokesperson Kevin Potts; GAA Director of Games Pat Daly; Philippe Brunet, Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Vassiliou; Liam Aylward, MEP Irish Sports council spokesperson John Byrne; FAI spokesperson Richard Fahy in Brussels this week

Sporting clubs that comply with best practice standards and follow a recognised code of conduct could be awarded an EU “blue flag” under a scheme proposed by Irish sports representatives this week. (more…)

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Call for trade ban on tools of toture (17th June, 2010)

Torture tools such as spiked batons, metal thumb-cuffs and any body-worn electric shock weapons should not be traded in any EU country, MEPs said this week. (more…)

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No EU funds for missing children’s hotline (17th June, 2010)

Brussels is “unlikely” to fund a missing children’s phone-line in Ireland, Irish MEPs were told this week. (more…)

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Brussels bows to food industry in beefing up labels (17th June, 2010)

MEPs have buckled under intensive lobbying from the food industry to reject plans for a “traffic light” system of colour-coding products according to their fat, sugar and salt content. (more…)

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