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Made in where? MEPs seek new labelling rules (26th Nov 2009)

The European Parliament has called for labelling that displays a product’s country of origin to be made compulsory for a range of goods including textiles, footwear and furniture. (more…)


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Beware of ‘climate change sceptics’ warns Dublin MEP (26th Nov 2009)

Dublin MEP Gay Mitchell warned this week of a ‘small but alarming’ group of MEPs who claim climate change is a myth. (more…)

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New EU telecoms authority will enforce competition (25th Nov 2009)

A pan-European agency charged with making sure the telecoms and broadband market is fully open to competition in Ireland and other member states is to come into force in 2011. (more…)

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MEPs demand more money to promote volunteering (25th Nov 2009)

A call for more EU financial support and recognition for volunteering has been backed unanimously by the European Parliament this week. (more…)

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Visiting EU officials to assess flood damage (25th Nov 2009)

A delegation of EU officials is due to visit flood-affected areas across the country in the coming weeks to determine if Ireland qualifies for emergency funding to cope with the aftermath of the flooding crisis. (more…)

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Airlines forced to compensate passengers for delays (19th Nov 2009)

A breakthrough judgement at the European Court of Justice will mean that any EU passenger whose flights is delayed by over three hours will be entitled to compensation from their airline. (more…)

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MEPs give mixed reaction to Ireland’s next commissioner (19th Nov 2009)

There were plenty of well-wishes expressed by Irish MEPs this week following the nomination of former Justice Minister Máire Geoghegan Quinn for the post of Ireland’s next EU Commissioner. (more…)

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