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Nine out of ten want ‘urgent action’ on poverty (29th Oct 2009)

Eight out of ten Europeans think being poor limits access to higher education and adult learning, a new survey has shown. (more…)


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Septic tanks fall foul of EU court judgement (29th Oct 2009)

Ireland has been found to be in breach of EU law over its management of domestic waste water, according to a judgement by the European Court of Justice. (more…)

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Cigarette seizure strengthens case for EU coastguard (29th Oct 2009)

The interception of the EU’s biggest ever haul of illegal cigarettes in Louth highlights the ‘urgent need’ for a single European Coastguard to coordinate international sting operations against smuggling, a Dublin MEP said this week. (more…)

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Farmers oppose plans to slash EU agriculture budget (28th Oct 2009)

Irish farmers are warning against any attempt to cut funding for the Common Agricultural Policy post 2012. (more…)

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EU warning over fake swine flu remedies (28th Oct 2009)

Criminals are cashing in on the swine flu pandemic by selling fake anti-viral drugs online, an EU group warned this week. (more…)

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Dublin students to take part in Berlin Wall anniversary event (22nd Oct 2009)

Dublin student Kellie Meehan, born on the day the Berlin Wall came down

Dublin student Kellie Meehan (20), born on the day the Berlin Wall came down

Two Dublin third-level students have been chosen to represent Ireland at an EU event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. (more…)

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Fianna Fáil MEPs clash with Liberal group (Oct 22nd 2009)

Ireland’s three Fianna Fáil MEPs have stood over their decision to abstain from a key vote in the European Parliament this week, against the wishes of their new group, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.  (more…)

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