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Dublin chosen as EU Capital of Sport (30th Sept 2009)

There are high hopes of attracting major international sporting events to Dublin next year after the city was selected to be European Capital of Sport 2010. (more…)


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Dublin MEP to make second trip to Gaza (30th Sept 2009)

Irish MEP Proinsias de Rossa is to head a delegation to the West Bank and Gaza before Christmas to assess the political, economic and humanitarian situation. (more…)

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Church settles on middle way in Lisbon debate (24th Sept 2009)

After weeks of sometimes conflicting comments from various church leaders about Lisbon, the Catholic hierarchy has adopted a neutral position on the treaty. (more…)

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MEPs dismiss claims of reduced voting strength as ‘red herring’ (24th Sept 2009)

Anti-Lisbon campaigners have been accused this week of deliberately ignoring a key feature of the Lisbon Treaty that protects small member states during voting procedures. (more…)

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Irish MEPs blast ‘pack of lies’ in anti-Lisbon leaflet (23rd Sept 2009)

A glossy eight-page leaflet sent to every home in the country claiming to reveal the truth about the Lisbon Treaty ‘should be put in the shredder’,  said Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness this week. (more…)

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Irish neutrality unaffected by Lisbon Treaty (19th Sept 2009)

The question of whether Ireland’s neutral status will change under Lisbon has continued to niggle voters even after the government obtained a legal protocol to enshrine Ireland’s policy of military neutrality. (more…)

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Consumer group gives Lisbon the thumbs up (17th Sept ’09)

The Lisbon Treaty has been hailed as ‘consumer friendly’ this week by Ireland’s largest watchdog group for shoppers, the Consumers’ Association of Ireland. (more…)

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