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Last chance to have your say on REPS replacement scheme (27th August 2009)

Time is running out for farmers and rural dwellers to get involved in a public consultation organised by the Department of Agriculture about a new agri-environment scheme due to come into place in 2010. (more…)


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Dubliners who made it in Brussels revisit their old schools (27th August 20)

It’s a long way from Mount Anville’s to Brussels, but that’s exactly where Ireland’s top EU official is headed next week to visit her old secondary school. (more…)

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MEPs seek to soothe fishermen’s fury against Lisbon (27th August, 2009)

Concerns raised by Irish fishermen over EU fishing policy are to be addressed in a special submission being prepared for Brussels by three Irish Fianna Fáil MEPs. (more…)

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EU quota system for refugees ‘would treat people like cattle’ (26th August 2009)

Controversial proposals on immigration reform including a possible cap on the number of refugees allowed per member state are to be considered by EU foreign ministers over the next two months. (more…)

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Road safety system is a ‘no-brainer’ says MEP (25th August 2009)

Ireland could be forced to fit all cars with inbuilt emergency alert systems, if we fail to sign up to a major EU road safety initiative that should have been completed in 2006. (more…)

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