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EU Parliament pledges to cut carbon footprint…but keeps its dual seat (31/10/08)

The European Parliament has decided to instigate a plan to reduce its carbon footprint emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2020. (more…)


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Conference looks at how EU can help solve Dublin drugs problem (31/10/08)

Minister for Drugs John Curran, Lord Mayor of Dublin Eibhlin Byrne and Sunday World Crime Correspondent Paul Williams are among those who attended a major conference in Dublin today (Friday 31st October) outlining new EU strategies to combat illegal drugs. (more…)

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Farmers told to be vigilant following latest bluetongue outbreaks (30/10/08)

Irish farmers are being advised not to import animals from a number of EU countries where cases of bluetongue have been confirmed. (more…)

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What happened EU commitment to end homelessness? (30/10/08)

Following the first snowfall of the winter in Dublin last week, attention is turning afresh to the 2,000 or so people sleeping rough of the streets of the capital. (more…)

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MEPs lobby EU to extend farm waste works deadline (29/10/08)

Leinster MEPs say they face an ‘uphill battle’ in attempting to secure an extension to the December 31st deadline for the Farm Waste Management Scheme. (more…)

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Good feedback from EU-funded text alert scheme (29/10/08)

A pilot project being run in the south of the country which uses text message technology to promote community safety should be replicated across the country, say organisers. (more…)

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Ireland faces fines over failure to curb money-laundering (29/10/08

The government is being threatened with legal action over its failure to adopt EU anti-money laundering rules. (more…)

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