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Home are the heroes – first Irish troops back from Chad (25/9/08)

Homeward bound Irish troops board the plane in Chad

Homeward bound Irish troops board the plane in Chad

The first consignment of Irish peacekeeping troops to have served a four-month tour of duty in Chad have returned to a heroes’ welcome after what was described as ‘the toughest mission since the Congo’. (more…)


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Only four out of ten will vote in vote in European elections (25/9/08)

New figures show that less than 40 per cent of Irish people say they will ‘definitely’ vote in next year’s European elections. (more…)

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EU will decide if fluoride in drinking water is bad for you (25/9/08)

The EU has been asked to deliver a verdict on whether the Irish policy of water fluoridation is safe. (more…)

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Decision to lift Belarus travel ban imminent (24/9/08)

Ireland South MEP Colm Burke says a bi-lateral agreement to allow children from Belarus to continue travelling to Ireland is in the final stages of negotiation, and should be finalised within the next few weeks. (more…)

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De Rossa calls for ‘casino capitalist’ McCreevy to resign (24/9/08)

Dublin Labour MEP Proinsias De Rossa has lashed out at his EU colleague Charlie McCreevy and urged him to stand down as European Internal Markets Commissioner. (more…)

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New rules will make animal slaughtering more humane (18/9/08)

The European Commission has approved a raft of measures to improve conditions for animals at the time of slaughter. (more…)

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Pressure grows to exempt farmers from EU soil regulations (18/9/09)

MEPs have backed calls by Leinster farmers for the government to show some flexibility on EU soil regulations following the record rainfall this summer. (more…)

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