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Brussels sprouts sense as odd-shaped veg welcomed back to the market (25/7/08)

Eurosceptics lamenting the stranger quirks of Brussels bureaucracy have never needed to look further than the rules on bendy bananas. (more…)


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Court ruling extends workplace disability protection to carers (24/7/08)

A landmark decision handed down by the European Court of Justice last week is being described as a significant boost for carers’ rights. (more…)

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New rules to improve air travel for people with disabilities (24/7/08)

A new EU rule due to come into force this Saturday (26th July) will make it obligatory for all European airports and air carriers to offer free assistance to anyone with a disability. (more…)

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Dublin MEP to oversee worldwide food aid plan (24/7/08)

Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell has been appointed to oversee an ambitious plan to relieve world hunger by diverting unspent funds from the EU farm budget to some of the world’s poorest countries. (more…)

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EU plans to limit trade in seal products (23/7/08)

Animal welfare groups in Ireland have welcomed a proposal from the European Commission to ban the import of products from seals that have been killed inhumanely. (more…)

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Irish citizen challenges European Commission over German home-school ban (18/7/08)

An Irishwoman married to a South African has travelled to Brussels in a bid to allow her teach her children at home. (more…)

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Petition lodged with EU to retain cancer services in Sligo (17/7/08)

The latest incidence of misdiagnosed cancer cases at University College Hospital in Galway has prompted fresh calls for an immediate stop to the transfer of cancer services from Sligo General Hospital to Galway. (more…)

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