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Voter turnout will be the decider in Lisbon referendum (29/5/08)

With roughly one in four voters still unsure which way to go in the Lisbon Treaty referendum on June 12th, both the Yes and No sides have one thing in common during the final weeks of their campaigns – motivating people to vote. (more…)


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Plans accelerate to limit airline carbon emissions (29/5/08)

MEPs in Brussels have voted to include the aviation sector in the EU Emissions Trading System a year ahead of schedule. (more…)

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Local action groups and farmers urged to apply for Leader funding (26/5/08)

After a nine month delay, the latest round of rural development funding has been announced by Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs Eamon O Cuív. (more…)

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PEACE programme could become template for foreign conflict zones (25/5/08)

The EU-funded PEACE programmes should be used to inform international peace-building work, according to a report approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week. (more…)

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ICTU and hoteliers will support Lisbon – but will their members? (21/5/08)

There was a breakthrough for the ‘Yes to Lisbon’ campaign today when the Irish Congress of Trade Unions voted to support the treaty in the upcoming referendum. (more…)

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Call for clarity over CAP ‘health check’ proposals (21/5/08)

A plan put forward by the European Commission this week to reform the Common Agricultural Policy marks the total transformation of EU farm policy since the 1980s, when efforts were focused on scaling back overproduction and reducing the infamous butter mountains and wine lakes. (more…)

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Irish troops braced for bandits and baking temperatures in Chad (21/5/08)

Aidan Crawley

Some 160 Irish troops drawn mainly from the Western Brigade arrived in Chad this week for their four-month tour of duty with the European Union’s peacekeeping force EUFOR. (more…)

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